Critical Thinking Workshop in Digital with Teyit

Critical Thinking Workshop in Digital was held at Sabancı University on Wednesday, April 26 at the Cinema Hall.

Teyit ile Dijitalde Eleştirel Düşünme Atölyesi

In the event planned by the Civic Involvement Projects Office, critical digital literacy steps that can be taken against the problem of misinformation, and tips for thinking like a confirmation in social media platforms and messaging applications, which have become a part of our lives, were explained. The workshop, in which both students and employees participated in an interactive way, was conducted together by Esra Özgür, Education Contents Officer, H. Kardelen Işık, Education Officer from Teyit, and İlkem Kayıcan from Sabancı University. The joint work of the Civic Involvement Projects Office with Teyit will continue in the future.