From Sketch to Painting 2021 - Exhibition at FASS

           PAINTING 2021

student works exhibition from va 204, va323, va 324,
     va 501 h, va 503 h  courses at FASS
         staircase and ground floor, FASS ART GALLERY
            and SUSAM, Sabancı University Campus, Tuzla

14 July- 15 August 2021

participants: Hande Kaplan, Çelik, Begüm.Yücel, Ozan., Arslan, Derya N., Bafralı, Zeynep Bilgin, Yasemin 

Çelik, Ece N.  Doyuk, Şevval S.

Kahraman, Dua K. 

Kitapci, Bükre A.  Öztaşdelen, Zeynep 

Türkeli, Ezgi S.  Yamak, Tansu 

Yiğit, Melike B.  Aibarkyzy, Ayaulym Asghar, Muhammad   Erkman, Zeynep Karimli, Gamar  Kurmuş, Tutku  

Nurdoğdu, Nur  

Oral, Ataberk   Salam, Maira   Sattar Boroujeni, Shakiba 

Görür, Nehir S. 

curator: Wieslaw Zaremba

assistants: Aysegul Yapar,
Ece Tarhan, Başar, Aslı S.
Kivanc Sert  
For artists to express themselves, they need to be able to trust their environments. Unique and creative ideas can take shape when the person is brave enough to dig within, shining a light on their darker nature. Our great professor's studio is where he conducts his students like an orchestra, creating poetic harmony. It is where we create art for the sake of art. Not serving the general market where art is cheapened and dirtied. The conductor and the musicians inspire one another and the public who spares a minute to stop and enjoy the art of the orchestra. Get ready to be fascinated by the bold and brave products we give to the World!