Leaders of The Business World Meet with the Students of Sabancı University

Organized by Sabancı Business School, the "Leaders’ Meetings” are held with the participation of prominent people from the business world. The “Leaders’ Meetings” bring together students and alumni of Sabancı Business School Professional Graduate Programs and successful and leading people of the business world.


This year, the Leaders’ Meetings will host Atila Yenişen, CEO of Makro Czechia, Cenk Alper, CEO of Sabancı Holding, and Leslie Coob-Hector, Vaco SVP & Executive Partner. At the first Leaders’ Meeting to be held on Wednesday, November 24, Atila Yenişen, CEO of Makro Czechia will share his knowledge and experience under the theme of “How to Become an Expat?”. On Wednesday, December 15, Cenk Alper, CEO of Sabancı Holding will talk about “We Bring Together the Leading Institutions with Turkey and the World for a Sustainable World”. On Wednesday, January 19, Leslie Coob-Hector, Vaco SVP & Executive Partner will share her knowledge and experience under the title: “Establishing Relations in the Business Community and Growing Market Share”.

Leaders’ Meetings events organized by Sabancı Business School for 12 years host leading figures of the business world every year. More than 40 senior managers and leaders have shared their knowledge and experience in different fields so far. At the events, students and graduates have a chance to listen to the strategies of the business world from the leading senior managers in the field. It is aimed to share the knowledge and experience of the valuable leaders of business world who participate in the Leaders’ Meetings, as well as their stories, strategies, and visions of the future with students and alumni to ensure the spread of knowledge.

Release date: 24.11.2021 16:26:22