Our Campus Hosted Families

Sabancı University hosted the families of students on its Tuzla campus in the ninth “A Day on Campus with Families” event.

During the event held on Saturday, December 3, 2022, families had the opportunity to experience on-site the academic life, technical and intellectual infrastructure and research facilities that constitute the basis of the world-class education offered by Sabancı University.

Making the opening speech of the day, Sabancı University President Yusuf Leblebici pointed out that Sabancı University is a department-free university and said: “One of the most important features that makes our university different is our education system based on the freedom to choose a program. We are the first and only university that offers this opportunity in Turkey and have successfully maintained it until today. Thanks to the flexibility brought by the system, our students graduate happily with the profession they acquire, and we see that they are extremely successful in life. We learn this not only from our graduates, but also from their employers. The satisfaction rate of employers with our graduates is 94 percent. The job placement rate of our graduates within the first year of graduation is 94 percent, a very high level. More than 22 percent of our graduates carry out successful studies abroad.”

Noting that Sabancı University continues year by year to admit an increasing number of the most successful students according to the placement exam results of higher education institutions, Yusuf Leblebici continued, “We are preparing Turkey's best students for life under the roof of Sabancı University. We have a very strong teaching staff to support the education of our students. We are constantly adding new members to our faculty. In the past three years, during the pandemic period, 58 new faculty members joined us. 33 of these faculty members came directly from abroad to join our university.”

Ogün Adebali  Mert Moral  Ozan Duygulu

In the first part of the event, the families listened to the stimulating presentations of our faculty members and graduates. Our Sabancı Business School Faculty Member Ozan Duygulu delivered a presentation entitled “Thinking outside the box! What is this box about?”, FENS Faculty Member Ogün Adebali made a presentation entitled “Molecular diagnosis and intervention in future medical applications”, FASS Faculty Member Mert Moral made a presentation entitled “(Re)thinking the theory of election polls, polarization and economic voting as the elections approach”, and Management Program 2008 Graduate Kerim Gürkan made a presentation entitled “Horizon Observatory”.

After the campus tours, the families participated in the sessions held to introduce the faculties and our School of Languages.

Kerim Gürkan 

Release date: 06.12.2022 16:02:32