Project 3V.3 & Sparks Exhibitions in FASS Art Gallery

Sabancı University FASS Art Gallery awaits art lovers with two exhibitions named Project 3v.3 and Sparks.

Project 3V.3 & Sparks

PROJECT 3V.3 (2 - 20 October 2023)

Project 3V.3

Brushstrokes of Cultures by Esma Günay and Park Chanyoung.

A collaboration of Turkish and Korean cultures: The artwork showcases the harmonious fusion of daily life elements between Turkey and Korea, including their respective cultures' traditional clothing, architecture, and daily cuisine. The vibrant illustrations depict a delightful assortment of daily cuisine representing their culinary heritage. The artwork celebrates the cultural exchange and mutual appreciation between Turkey and Korea, capturing the essence of their shared heritage.

Stressless Doodless by Bahar Uygun and Nuraisha Nadira Bte Mohamed Rafid.

We wanted to incorporate doodling and have a good time while creating a joint artistic project, therefore we came up with the idea of doodling on everyday items like coffee cups, shampoo bottles, and receipts, rather than traditional paper. This shift allowed us to create an interesting parallel between expressing  our daily thoughts and feelings through these ordinary objects, rather than relying on a diary or sketchbook. It added a playful twist to the project and opened up new possibilities for creative expression.

Friend_2.0 Installation by Muhamad Erwan Afian Bin Daud

This artwork (video installation) was not made to promote or encourage smoking. It is to express my personal experience, coping mechanisms and public perspective towards its effects and consumption. Please understand that smoking is bad for health and can be the cause of various health issues. However, people’s judgement and words could cause condemnation towards the users, including feelings of guilt, shame, regret and fear.


Project 3V.3 & Sparks

The Serbest Bırak / Release Art Project by Ayten Eylül Karanfil and Jerron Lee

The Serbest Bırak / Release Art Project (sound design) successfully demonstrates the power of art inenabling individuals to express their rants and vents in a meaningful and transformative way. By bridging the cultural gap between Turkish and Singaporean communities, the project promotes empathy, understanding, and dialogue. It catalyzes social change, raising awareness about the shared experiences and challenges faced by individuals within these cultures. In conclusion, the Serbest Bırak / Release Art Project creates a space for individuals to freely express (vocally) their rants and vents in Turkish and Singaporean cultures. Through artistic expression, the project fosters catharsis, cultural exchange, and social commentary. The project's methodology, design, and outcomes highlight the power of art in igniting conversations, fostering empathy, and promoting positive societal change.

Junk Food Review by Koh Jia Ling, Zeynep Zontur, Beril Kekeç

A comprehensive one-month junk food review project, documenting and comparing the variety of junk food items available in two countries through photography journals. This project aims to provide an engaging and relatable exploration of junk food culture in Singapore and Turkey. By capturing and reviewing a range of quick and convenient food items such as instant noodles, chips, sweets and candy, chocolates, ice cream, and instant-cooked foods and drinks. After the review, we created visual and written documentation that highlights the similarities and differences in junk food offerings between the two countries.

Home by Faieza Bte Faisal Zakar

Portraying the uncommon is what makes me feel Singaporean. All the things that I have done since I was a child, just like a routine which I enjoy, such as visiting the NTUC supermarket, the coffee shops, enjoying tea and mamak food (food from coffee shops). Each artwork evokes a tapestry of shared experiences, cultural diversity, and the joy of discovery. Through a unique blend of my ideas and opinions on what makes me a Singaporean, I created these as a symbol to show my appreciation towards what my country has to offer. I also aim to reflect the harmonious coexistence of traditions and modernity, a hallmark of Singapore's character. I depict scenes of bustling hawker centres, where tantalizing aromas scatter in the air, and traditional festivals that bring people of different backgrounds together in joyous celebration. My illustrations portray the sights and things that make me feel at home.

Human Mind vs Dall-E by Ezgi Çolakbüyük, Ezgi Şanlı, Selin Doğa Üzüm

We are going to search for the differences between artificial intelligence and our mind and behaviour. Dall-E and all the new technological developments make our life easier nowadays but also restrict our imagination. Artificial intelligence are beneficial but cannot exactly draw and express the visual from our perspective, the human mind cannot be repeated or created in the same way as what we have in mind. Most importantly, it cannot reflect our feelings correctly. Therefore, our main purpose is to prove that the feelings and the issues connected to human emotions cannot be easily expressed through the new generation of technology like A.I. The outcomes and tests will be documented in an experimental video form.

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Dijital Media Exhibition: SPARKS 2023 (2 - 20 October 2023)

Project 3V.3 & Sparks

SPARKS 2023 continues to adopt the open concept, primarily to accommodate students who intend to realize their imagination and creativity in art, design, and artistic expression with digital media courses (3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Digital Video, Motion Graphics and Art). Our students utilize different forms of media via software, videos, mobile apps and gadgets, virtual platform, and social media (Zoom, Google, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) in the discussion process and creation. Therefore, these are the students’ projects resulting from exercises in a short time, from the courses mentioned above.

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