The senior management of IHP-Microelectronics, one of Germany's important technology companies, visits our university

The senior management of IHP Microelectronics, a subsidiary of the Leibniz Scientific Research Association, which carries out research and development of silicon-based systems, ultra-high frequency circuits and technologies, and new materials, visited our university on April 3, 2024. As part of the visit, Sabancı University and IHP-Microelectronics, one of Germany's most important science centers, signed a protocol for the second time.

IHP Ziyaret

IHP's senior management, consisting of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kahmen (Scientific and Technical Director) and Unit Directors, who visited our university to renew the cooperation that has been ongoing since 2007 and to evaluate joint projects, were hosted by our President Yusuf Leblebici, our deans and faculty members.

Sabancı University IHP-Microelectronics collaboration has been renewed

The aims of this protocol between both institutions are to expand research capability with a complementary research approach, to enhance the cooperation between the university and the research institution to strengthen mutual positions in joint project implementations and to have stronger representation in international platforms, to attract the best students and researchers to do joint project work, to support IHP, and to provide high-level education opportunities in fields matching IHP’s and Sabancı University's research subjects.

Considering the mutual student and scientist exchanges and joint work results during the Sabancı University and IHP collaboration process, the successful projects, scientific publications, and thesis studies developed so far prove that both institutions play a complementary role.



Motives for the Sabancı University and IHP-Microelectronics collaboration

Sabancı University's high quality of education and research, as well as its pioneering role in the field of new technologies, are among the most important motives for expanding collaboration with IHP. In this context, faculty members and students at Sabancı University are considered extremely valuable by IHP and constitute the main reason for this cooperation.

Thanks to the high-quality and multi-disciplinary engineering education provided at Sabancı University, IHP aims to increase its access to young and well-equipped engineering candidates. It is a well-known fact that the number of qualified students studying in the field of engineering in Europe is decreasing day by day. IHP's goal is to close this gap, thanks to this cooperation established with Sabancı University, and thus to maintain its support to the European economy with the unique technologies it develops and its contributions to the development of new high value-added industrial products.

Sabancı University's scientific research laboratories, equipped with the latest technological facilities, are another reason why IHP prefers to cooperate with Sabancı University. Although IHP stands as a research institute, it may not always be possible for it to be as flexible as Sabancı University in developing and implementing new technologies and ideas, since it also carries out commercial production. For this reason, Sabancı University's laboratory facilities, integrated with its innovative/entrepreneurial approach, complement IHP's pioneering qualities in the field of technology.

What has been done so far within the scope of Sabancı University IHP-Microelectronics collaboration since 2007:

Nearly 100 students have done internships in 15 years.

64 joint publications (15 journals, 49 conference presentations) have been prepared.

13 of our graduates have been employed at IHP-Microelectronics.

Various high-budget projects have been developed as subcontractors.

European projects currently in the application phase are being developed.

Joint workshops have been held on topics such as microelectronics technology, circuits, and systems for space applications.

Projects supported by Turkish, German, and EU funds have been successfully completed.

Based on the “More-than-Moore” concept, the Microelectronics - Joint Virtual Excellence Laboratory has been established.

Applied research has been carried out by Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Electronics Engineering students at the IHP-Microelectronics and Sabancı University Joint Laboratory.


About IHP-Microelectronics

IHP, which develops innovative solutions for application areas such as wireless and broadband communications, aviation and space, biotechnology and medicine, the automotive industry, security technologies, and industrial automation, has approximately 300 employees. It has a pilot production capacity in a 1500 m² “Class-3” clean environment for new-generation technology development studies and the implementation of integrated circuits with high-speed 0.13/0.25 µm BiCMOS technologies. Although IHP is basically a research institute, it also serves as a private, non-profit company.