September 26th, 2023 ELAE Stage 2 Results

The School of Languages Directorate Announcement

For the ELAE Stage 2 Results click here.

Exam result code explanations are as follows:

SL (Satisfactory in the ELAE)*: indicates students who have received the required grade or above in the September 26th ELAE and who have gained the right to start their faculty studies as Fall (regular) Freshman in the 2023-2024 Fall Semester.

UL (Unsatisfactory in the ELAE): indicates students who have not been able to obtain the required grade in the ELAE on the 26th September, 2023.

NA (Non-attendance): indicates students who did not attend the exam and is equivalent to a “UL” grade.

Grade bands are as below:

A          SL          90-100

B          SL          80-89

C          SL          70-79

D          UL          60-69

E          UL          50-59

F          UL          0-49

Students who do not receive a passing grade will be placed in the Foundation Development Year at either Route 3 or Route 4.