SU-IMC Thematic Webinar Series

Sabancı University Integrated Manufacturing Research and Application Center (SU-IMC) organizes series of thematic seminars/webinars at different levels of academia and industry to understand and prioritize the recent institutional, organizational and technical developments for the Composite Structures. 

This main focus of research areas is the complete value chain of composite structures including composite modelling, manufacturing, processing, and structural health monitoring. There will be various Renowned Experts and Keynote Speakers, who will be giving academic and industrial talks regarding the Composite Materials and Structures at the SU-IMC Thematic Webinar Series.

All seminars will be conducted online and open to the public in the form of a webinar.

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The SU-IMC is a world-leading Composite Technologies Center of Excellence that provides industrial-scale design and analysis, tests, prototype manufacturing services of advanced composite materials. In addition, the SU-IMC provides graduate education, training, and consultancy services in the fields of integrated manufacturing for industrial companies and governmental agencies. For more information, please visit our website: