We Lost Our Friend Kıvanç, One of the Oldest Residents on Our Campus

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend Kıvanç, the most colorful, charismatic, sweetest resident of the SBS building.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our little lion, Kıvanç, one of the oldest residents of our school, whose friendship and love have warmed us for years. We would like to thank our friend for everything, who is well known to almost everyone who has joined Sabancı University as a student, academician, visitor, or administrative staff, and who has been beautifying our campus for more than ten years and bringing us peace and joy with his presence.

Kıvanç gives a great life lesson to all of us with his love that he is very generous in sharing with those who love him and his careless attitude towards those who do not like him, surprises everyone who sees him for the first time with his superior skill in using the elevator, acts as an academic advisor with his selectivity in the courses he prefers to attend, and impress everyone with his active participation in faculty meetings. Our beautiful friend will always remain in our memories.

Kıvanç's memory will be kept alive by planting a commemorative tree in November with the support of the General Secretariat of Sabancı University in the garden at the entrance of the SBS Building, where he is very happy to spend his time. It is believed that the fruits of the ginkgo biloba plant, which is chosen as a commemorative tree due to its similarity to Kıvanç with its yellow and fluffy flowers, prevent forgetting in Chinese medicine and strengthen memory. We will never forget you either, our Kivanc.