Winners of EFSUN 2022 Best Article Competition were announced

The winners of the “Best Article Competition” organized by the Center of Excellence for Functional Surfaces and Interfaces for Nano Diagnosis (EFSUN) of Sabancı University were  announced in a Zoom event held on 25 August 2022. The FENS faculty member Prof. Emre Erdem was the presenter of the competition.

24 finalists consisting of distinguished young scientists from different disciplines publishing articles with high impact on Functional Surfaces and Interfaces presented their articles in the event.

The winners of the Best Article Competition were selected by the evaluation committee consisting of well-known and active scientists from different disciplines: 

1-Dr. Zehra Sayers, Sabancı Üniversity 

2-Dr. Meltem Elitaş, Sabancı Üniversity 

3-Dr. Merve Senem Seven, Sabancı Üniversity

4-Dr. Feray Bakan Mısırlıoğlu, SUNUM 

5-Dr. Ahu Gümrah Parry, Manchester University 

6- Dr. Ramazan Asmatülü, Wichita State University 

7- Dr. Burç Mısırlıoğlu- Sabancı Üniversity  

The members of the committee carefully evaluated each article and presentation.

Researcher Betül Aldemir Dikici took the first place with her article titled “Boosting the Osteogenic and Angiogenic Performance of Multiscale Porous Polycaprolactone Scaffolds by In Vitro Generated Extracellular Matrix Decoration’’;

Researcher Tutku Bedük Aşirova  took the second place with her article titled “Rapid Point-of-Care COVID-19 Diagnosis with a GoldNanoarchitecture-Assisted Laser-Scribed Graphene Biosensor”; and

Researcher  Hilal Dağlar took the third place with her article titled  “Exploring the performance limits of MOF/polymer MMMs for O2/N2 separation using computational screening”.

More information about these articles could be obtained using the following links: