SEMINAR: Trying to beat Einstein by listening to empty space

Speaker: Fethi Ramazanoğlu

Title: Trying to beat Einstein by listening to empty space

Date/Time: February 20, 2019 / 13:40 - 14:30

Place: FENS G032

Abstract: Gravitational wave science has brought us the opportunity to observe gravity in highly dynamical and strongly gravitating systems. In addition to many opportunities in observational astrophysics, this also enables us to test Einstein's general relativity in this hitherto unexplored regime. I will start with a simple introduction to general relativity and gravitational waves, and then explain why and how we want to modify general relativity. I will finally discuss some potential deviations from Einstein's theory that are particularly relevant for gravitational wave observations.

Bio: Fethi Mübin Ramazanoğlu obtained his PhD from Princeton University in 2012. After postdoctoral positions at Princeton University and the University of Cambridge, he has been on the faculty of Koç University Physics Department since 2015. His research is focused on gravitational physics with particular emphasis on strongly gravitating systems, gravitational waves, numerical relativity and alternative theories of gravitation.

Contact: Emre Erdem