CEF to organize 5 different certificate programs in the Spring semester

Sabancı University Center of Excellence in Finance – CEF, of which Akbank is the founding sponsor, will organize 5 different certificate programs in the Spring semester.

The “Mergers and Acquisitions” certificate program, which will start on March 15, 2022, aims to provide the necessary skills to all levels of financial managers to help them manage the acquisition process in an educated way. The instructor of the program is Şerif Aziz Şimşir, Faculty Member at Sabancı University.

The “Fundamentals of Finance” certificate program, which will take place on March 29-31, and April 5-7, treats finance under the heading of investments. The program training will be delivered by Özgür Demirtaş, Chair Professor of Finance at Sabancı University.

The “Valuation: Art, Science or Magic?” certificate program, which aims to provide the basics of valuation, will start on April 14 and last for 4 days. The program will be delivered by Aswath Damodaran, Faculty Member at New York University.

The “Portfolio Management and Asset Pricing” certificate program, which will be delivered by Doruk Günaydın, Faculty Member at Sabancı University, on April 18-20-25-27, will provide participants with a strong foundation in fixed-income securities in addition to portfolio theory.

In the last week of May, CEF will provide a 2-day certificate program on “Crypto Assets and Blockchain Technology”. The program will be delivered by Cristina Dolan, Founder/CEO of InsideChains.

The programs will be held online.

You can find detailed information about CEF certificate programs at https://cef.sabanciuniv.edu/sertifika-programlari.